Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic-Con Day 3

Started out super early to get in as soon as the con opened (@ 9:30 am). There was a Rob Zombie signing at 10 am, which I was really hoping to get to on time. As soon as the doors opened we rushed to the G4 booth in the back where the signing was going to take place, but by the time we got there the line was long and there would only be a finite amount of autographs that Mr. Zombie would do, and we were too late. very sad, but we wandered some more before going to the Family Guy panel (for the new star wars spoof episode), which then ran into the panel for the Cleveland Show where we saw some clips and listened to stories, new and a Q&A from the voice actors and creators. After that I went to get an autograph from John K (of Spumco creator of Ren & Stimpy). I was able to actually get him to sketch me and got a picture with him and Kali (i think John K's cartoonist daughter) who did a sketch of a bikini clad girl for me as well. After that we wandered some more I got more signatures and a sketch in a book from Joe Ledbetter, and then our last panel which was for Black Dynamite. That movie is going to be awesome!

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