Thursday, March 25, 2010

Future Project Test

eD has been talking about a lot of projects recently, but he has also been producing a lot of stuff for himself/his Funny Ha Ha's, and has been working as a full-time freelancer during the day in Burbank. This is a test render for one of his many future projects. He said he didn't spend too long working on it, but I think it looks pretty close to the real deal. makes me hungry just looking at the image.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Taxidermy Fun

eD seems to enjoy Taxidermy, not enough to buy some of his own yet, but I think it has a special place in his creepy heart. Maybe because it is the closest thing to re-animation that he will see in his lifetime. I don't know, I just pulled that random explanation off the top of my head. The reason for this mild confused rant is that eD sent me a new render of his...I think this is the last we will see of this creepy little embryo guy for a while. But I have no idea to be honest.

Friday, March 5, 2010

New PSP Screens

eD likes making screens for his PSP and then he sends them my way to post on the blog so anyone who wants them can snag them easily. Without further ado... here are the new screens.

Unfortunately it is of mostly of eDz older works, but if you would be interested in seeing some new stuff that eD is cooking up check out his Funny Ha Ha's Blog. He is currently working on a "Hands" project. Everyday he posts a new render that he created with CG hands. Kinda strange but in an entertaining way, y'all should check it out.