Thursday, February 2, 2012

Month of Catch Up In One Post!

-The last movie that eD worked on at Stereo D, Captain America, was released nation-wide back in July 2011 and eD's name was in the credits of the regular and the 3D versions!  It was right in the middle of the Depth Artists portion towards the end of the credits.  Speaking of 3D movies that eD worked on, both Thor and Captain America are out on DVD & BluRay.  We won't see any of that money, but in case you didn't know, now you know...

-eD returned to work at Rhythm & Hues as an Asset Manager (his job consisted of working in Max, Maya, Lightwave, and a game engine that he had never worked with before, a lot of organization, and being a go between with the game company.) Though I can't tell you anything about it, because he had to sign an NDA and hasn't even told me anything besides riddles that I don't even remotely understand.

-eD went to Comic-Con for the 3rd time in 3 years. From the hours of him excitedly rambling about it afterwards, it sounded like he had fun.

-While eD missed out on the Tim Burton exhibit even though it lasted about 3 months, at least he was able to see the Stan Sakai exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum.

-eD also started experimenting with real art, painting and working on masks (both real and paper). I will have images once anything major is finished or I am able to post about it. Some stuff is still pretty hush hush, we are anticipating one collaboration for further fun times.

-Currently eD is working on a short animation project of his own creation. A personal project that we here at SSP are extremely excited about. eD has gathered friends of all different backgrounds for their help and critiques throughout the pre-production process, and a few are even going to help in the actual production of the short. eD has been toiling away on concept art, script, story & character breakdowns, he even starting modeling some characters earlier this week. I will be allowed to post certain things at certain stages but he doesn't want to ruin any surprises so it may be a little sparse on updates through the process. Once certain stages are met, I will be able to post the updates that won't be spoilers to the final animation.

-Finally, from Feb 23rd to March 6th eD along with his friends Ben Mitchell, Ruthie Aslan and Rich Devletian (aka "TeamBERR") will be competing in an animation contest called Animation Race 2012 which challenges participants to create short animated films over the course of 12 days (300 hours to be exact) based on a theme, character, and object assignment. I believe eD will be posting some updates of that on here but you will have to wait until at least Feb 23rd for any of those updates...

tons of stuff on the horizon, just wait and see...