Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Concept Art and Ideas for later

eD has been busy getting back to drawing and doodles. Something to help him ramp up work for his personal projects, as well as more practice in his 2D work which may help whenever he starts painting like he said he would.
Cthug - a project for the future, and image that has been stuck in his head a while. I think he watches too many horror movies and gets creepy cartoon ideas. Not sure how that all works, but it seems to work well for him.This is for a project that eD is trying to flesh out a bit more. It consists of two characters, a salmon, and I don't want to ruin the anticipation for the next character, so I will momentarily plead the 5th. I have thrown together a few drawings that eD has done to show where he is at with the Salmon at this point in time. He is still working on it, and has told me that he wants to "make it look kind of real, but funny with a cartoony feel," so we shall see how that works out. I think he is going to wait to finish the Salmon until after he starts working on the other character to give them similar style attributes. He seems pretty excited about the idea. I just want to see it in action before I pass judgement on it personally. I know it will make a lot of people laugh though.

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