Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Newslette Whoopsie...

When I was working on the newsletter last night, it all seemed fine, but when I saw the one that was sent out this morning I realized that it was incomplete. Somehow it was sent without the last article and the newsletter closer, so without further ado doo, here are the missing bits.

Coming Soon…

Now that eD’s whiteboard in the office doesn’t have any more scribblings about the HANDS project, eD has been going back towards projects on his backburner. Fleshing out new ideas and concepts for old projects, as well as, working on a few new short ideas. He has mentioned that he wanted to get a few new shirts on the webstore sometime soon, I believe that they will be inspired by the HANDS project, so keep your eyes peeled to the SSPlog for any new details on these shirts.

Don’t forget about eDz blog either, the Funny Ha Ha’s. for anything that he feels like posting and not telling us here at SSP about until later. Cause he is still posting stuff like crazy over there and not giving us anything to post, and then I feel bad because I don’t have anything that he deems “worthy” of the SSPlog but still his page is littered with randomness. Guess I will have to start making up news and becoming more like a tabloid journalist. So until next time when there is more news to be told, and eD grows another head that constantly heckles everyone, stay cool and enjoy the brisk weather before summer hits full throttle.

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