Friday, August 20, 2010

New Character I Suppose...

eD has been working on a new character as he is working in ZBrush on his Salmon Character.  He has been posting images up on his Funny Ha Ha's but since it is 3D I decided to snag the images and post them here.  It is still a work in progress, and he hasn't actually given me the a-okay (or even b-okay) to post them on here, but I am sure he won't mind.

Tuesday August 17th...
Initial Star Model
Initial Wires, added extra Geometry to have enough poly's for the Face
Thursday August 19th...
Base Model with Face added (no Morphs)
Screen Capture from Modeling Program (one of the morphs)
Some Morphs Added
This character is the first of many that eD is calling his Sketchbook Project.  Throughout July his personal project (besides his normal) work was to fill a 50 page sketchbook with ideas for characters, shorts, and other rendered pieces.  He had succeeded and put together collages of some of his favorite pieces which he posted on his Funny Ha Ha's throughout July and early August, which he has recently all put into one post here.  With all that is going on, he will be working on these Sketchbook Projects whenever he has free time, or needs a slight break from whatever he is currently working on.  So while it will not be a daily posting on his Funny Ha Ha's like his "Hands! Project", they will be posted either weekly or biweekly depending on the depth and difficulty of the idea.  I know he has mentioned about doing animations with some of them so that will add to the length of time as well, but I am sure he will show off finished renders before starting animation.

So with that background on the Sketchbook Project, here is eDz first visual representation of this star guy.  
(Spoiler... he is gonna get beaten up a bit before he is all finished.)
Initial (probably too much caffeine/lack of sleep) pen sketch

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