Monday, March 12, 2012

Animation Race Character Models

eD & his friends entered the Animation Race contest which was a 12 day animation contest, based on a theme, character, and object supplied the day of the contest start date.  They ended up not making the deadline in time.  It was a sad few days at SSP, after the contest had ended.  I think that was primarily because eD slept almost an entire day after the contest.  He hardly slept throughout those 12 days, if I saw him at all I saw him working.  he even moved his new computer down into the living room so that he could work while watching TV and "being social" with his roommates.

The theme was aging, the character was a mother, and the object was a bottle.  They ended up going with eD's first idea which was a mother fly talking to her maggot children inside of a broken bottle on the side of the road.  I haven't even seen the finished version but it seems that eD made it back into the files this morning, when he sent me these work in progress images of the characters he created for the short.
Maggot Designs, at first they had arm nubs with mitten-like hands.
Maggot Model, after removing nubby arms.
Textured & Rigged Final Model
Many different Fly Designs
Original Fly Model
Fly Mama final Textured & Rigged Model
 I'm pretty sure the short will be released at some time, I just have no idea when.  eD may be reworking some animation before shoving it out into the world.  I'm not really sure, he hasn't told me anything, and he likes to change the subject a lot...

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