Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Website Revamp

We adjusted the website a tad.  To make it a little more fun to navigate around the page.  Added 6 pages for individual gallery and reel viewing.  a back button (which makes little sense considering most browsers have a back button, but we figured why not?!?!) was reworked so it will take you to the last page of the site that you were on, instead of taking you to the main page, like clicking the eDMcD3D logo would do.  We also made it a little bit more clear.  Didn't realize it was optimized as much as it was, and it made everything somewhat blurry.

All fixed now, and will not be touched until a) eD makes a new reel or b) we get more images for the gallery, but with the new revision that will just mean adding in another polaroid with the images on it, but maintaining the look and feel of the page.  We had fun with this one, much more creative than the last, and we can brush that "little johnny" character under the rug.  (Don't tell eD I said that.)

But enough rambling, if you haven't seen it yet, check out the new site here:

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